You’ll be surprised because this first post is not what you think..

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You’ll be surprised because this first post is not what you think..

Yes here we are at the first post on and I’m glad to welcome you because I am sure you’ll like to come and read here over and over again…

I have no idea what are you searching for but I will say here you’ll find anything and everything related internet.

From marketing to art and from auto news to politics and humor.

First of all let me introduce myself – my name is Christian Paul from Romania, Bucharest ( southeastern Europe) and I’m a grateful father an enthusiast blogger and a simple man searching for what internet could provide to us:

– happy moments surfing an amazing virtual world,

– money online because nothing is better than to combine the pleasure with the real needs and,

– much much more…

Please forgive me for my bad English – you” ll smile several times on my mistakes but if I will provide good information and share with you happy moments then I am relax and say only thank you.



From Romanian language is like tell me ( ia zi) and dot biz was chosen because it’s a nice rhyme with iazi and finally here I will make money online so it is a real business.

So tell me your business was the initial idea of this domain, few years ago when I first bought this domain.

Today I will say is a simple blog with some of my thoughts inside plus a deja-vu feeling for the future.

I will build here 50 sites on subdomains and this is my vision – to sell on flippa after a while like an amazing resource and money making machine.



Why to spend my time visiting your site? This is your basic question and I will say IT WORTH because you’ll find here all my 5 last years different development directions on internet.

Will worth to read here as it is real and FREE.

And will really worth to come back here on IAZI.BIZ because even I intent finally to sell on flippa – I hope to find a man or woman to become friends  – this way the next owner could be one of my amazing partners.

Until then here was the first post of this amazing and extraordinaire little domain and I hope you’ll see me as soon is possible with news, weird, funny, techy, and last but not least – my all mistakes  on this adventure.

Thank you.

Christian Paul.


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